Adult Classes . . .

Wednesday Evening Classes are Getting Creative
Our Wednesday Evening classes are for all ages. Starting Wednesday June 16 starting at 6:30pm we will kick off our Summer evening classes.
Cost will vary per project, but listed prices are all inclusive.
Register by June 1 for all 5 classes and receive 10% off!
What a great way to spend a hot summer night with the family. No talent needed!

Clay Wind Chimes: June 18 & 25 (this is a two part class) $30
June 16: Custom design your own wind chimes out of clay. You can use clay tools to carve shapes, designs and create texture. We offer stamps and stencils along with great idea books to give you inspiration.

June 22: After your clay chimes are fired they are ready for step two. Paint your chimes with a variety of color and glaze choices to personalize them.

Dip Chiller with Textred Lace: July 2 - $30
Have you tried our lace technique? It's so simple and fun, but this time we are adding some Snowfall specialty glaze. The Snowfall glaze it a glaze created to give texture to your piece. So when we use it over the lace, you will be able to feel the difference once you pull the lace off. Choose your lace and color scheme. The possibilities for this project are yours!

Cobblestone Splash Bowl: July 16 - $37
Introducing a new specialty glaze. Cobblestone is a unique glaze which forms a raised rectangular chip-like surface. This will give our most popular Splash Bowl a professional look. This glaze will not be offered in the studio, so be the select few who's friends will be asking 'Where did you buy that?' and you'll be able to say "I made it!"

Owl Plaque with Frit: July 30 - $37
Paint this limited addition Owl Plaque sure to decorate any wall or garden. We will be using another medium, frit, which is crushed glass. Frit is only offered through a class setting. Paint your owl with your favorite colors and add frit of any color or multi-colors in the recesses of this plaque to give you that glass look.

Mosaic Initial: August 13- $30
Choose your first or last initial to decorate with our mosaic pieces. Set them in any pattern and color scheme of your liking. Once the pieces have set you will be grouting them too. Place it on your wall or walkway! What a neat way to finish up the summer.

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