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Summer Workshops . . .

Kids Bisque Painter
Kids Cool Summer Classes 2014 ( Pictures to follow soon!)
We are jumping right into summer with our Summer Kids classes weekdays
from 10:30- 12:30pm. Classes are designed for kids ages 6-12 and are $30
a day per painter; $140 per week.
Register between April 1st - June 1st and pay $135 for any five classes.
Class size is limited to 10 students.

We have all new pieces and techniques set aside just for the summer
classes. Each week is a new theme and pottery. Project pieces will not be
available for retail purchase until after the classes.

Stop by the studio to pick up a registration form or call and we will gladly
send you one.

It's My Party!: June 23-27
Create your own party extravaganza.

Monday: Cupcake Bowl
Use our dotters and some party colors to dot your bowl
all over. Complete decorating the bowl with some

Tuesday: Cupcake pencil holder
Give your pencil holder some texture with our snowfall
specialty glaze and decorate with paint pens.

Wednesday: Cupcake Mug
Add to your party set with this mug. We will be
duplicating the colors from the bowl, but applying a
rubbing alcohol technique on the outside.

Thursday: Slice Cake Bank
Make a party cake with a fun drizzle technique from
squeeze bottles.

Friday: Cake Slice Plate
Complete the party with a plate for your cake with wax!
What a fun way to wrap up the week. We will even be
making our own brownie cake to eat!
Kids Summer Workshops

By The Sea: July 7-11
Seashore fun for everyone

**Monday:Clay footprint & Sea Globe
Wear your flip flops because we are stepping into clay
to make a footprint stepping stone and painting a
dolphin to add to our sea globe. Projects to be
completed on Friday.

Tuesday:Beach Frame
Strike a pose for your frame! Design a summer inspired
frame and use sand to make it authentic. We will be
taking funny beach themed pictures to put in them.

Wednesday: Tic Tac Toe Game Board:
tic tac toe, three in a row! Choose bubbles, sand,
stencils or any technique you can dream up to design
your beach themed background. Paint your shell and
fish pieces to add some fun to the game.

Thursday: Seahorse Dish
Always a fun class when we incorporate frit.
Frit is a crushed glass that melts in the kiln and gives the
seahorse a glass look. Frit is only offered in class

**Friday: Stepping Stone & Sea Globe
We will be painting your fired clay footprint and
assembling your sea globe that was prepared in
Mondays class.
Nothing wraps up a week by the sea like a beach party.
Come ready to party!
Kids Summer Workshops

Peace, Love and Happiness: July 21-25
Make your world a better place with some Peace, Love
and Happiness

Monday: Peace Car Box
Keep your love notes in your groovy tye dyed box. We
will be using saran wrap to make the tye dye effect.
Super cool!

Tuesday: Love Plaque
Using the new drizzle technique and paper toweling will
be the perfect pair for your plaque. Let your LOVE shine.

Wednesday: Half Cup & Saucer
This smiley face cup and saucer were too cute to pass
up. Decorate it in anyway that makes your smile.

Thursday: T-Shirt plate
Silk screen stencils create flawless finish to your T-Shirt
plate. Bring in a plain T-shirt and make one to wear.

Friday: Owl Night Light
Brand New Pottery! Never will you see this Owl night
light in the studio, This is just for our kids class! What a
great way to give yourself some peace just before bed.
Paint him to match your room or special space you want
to light up.
Kids Summer Workshops

Lights, Camera, Action: August 4-8
YOU are the Famous Movie Star this week

Monday: Individual Chip & Dip
Despicable or not, these Minion Chip and dip servers
will be the perfect snack holder to watch your movies.

Tuesday: Popcorn Bowl
No movie is complete without popcorn! Masking tape will
help you make the perfect popcorn holder. Butter and
popcorn not included.

Wednesday: Clay Canvas
Now is the time to make your own movie poster.
Whether you are the director or the star, make a movie
poster that will advertise a movie you created.

Thursday: Lunch Box Bank
This bank is a great way to save money for the snack
bar. Transfer your favorite candy bar on one side and
keep track of your savings on the other with our
chalkboard paint! No need to break the bank.

Friday: Slant Star Box
ZAM! POW! BONK! Keep your ticket stubs in this star
box with a comic book movie feel. Puffy paint will help
give it that extra special touch. No need for a Bat Signal.
Kids Summer Workshops

Feng Shui Your Way: August 18-22
Experience all 5 elements of Feng Shui. We recommend
taking all of the classes this week so you can make
sure your Chi is aligned. Balance is key!

**Monday: (two part class) Earth & Wood
Design Zen charms out of clay and make a mosaic initial
with broken mosaic pieces. You will be finishing these
pieces on Friday

Tuesday: Water
A tranquil blue element glaze for this vase that will hold
a bamboo plant. Bamboo is very Zen and is the perfect
way to Feng Shui any room in your house.

Wednesday: Metal
Using our Element Glaze in Copper Adventurine will
give this Buddha Statue a metal look.

Thursday: Fire
Use the drizzle technique on this Asian inspired candle
tea light holder with an ENERGY symbol in the center.

**Friday: finishing your projects from Monday. Paint your
Zen Charms & Grout your mosaic initial letter.
Kids Summer Workshops

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